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Juncos Hollinger Racing joins the Indiana Auto Sports Association powered by DynamoEdge Technology

Jan 3, 2022

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. - Indiana-based companies Juncos Hollinger Racing, the Indiana Auto Sports Association, and DynamoEdge, announce a new initiative to promote the growth and development of motorsports drivers and owners. The program offers unique benefits to the motorsports industry of Indiana and beyond, such as technology development and awareness, education and sponsorship opportunities, legal support, safety training, business networking, and other on-site value-added services. Juncos Hollinger Racing is the only IndyCar team owned and operated by a minority business owner, Ricardo Juncos. Throughout his career, Juncos demonstrated exceptional support to advance multiple motorsports categories such as Indy Pro 2000, IndyLights, and IndyCar, helping drivers to achieve their careers and goals. That's why Juncos has become a strategic sponsor of the Indiana Auto Sports Association, which is driven by a successful association management program through local management company, Mission Control. They have provided the administration of benefits to groups including those in public safety with the advancement of support to first responders and their families. The Indiana Auto Sports Association has selected DynamoEdge to help drive its technology roadmap, training, and development of new solutions. DynamoEdge is a minority-owned successful Indiana-based start-up. It's the only company in the world that is developing a scalable IoT solution for turning telemetry into actions by breaking up and distributing machine learning algorithms across the transmission pipeline sensor-to-cloud. This year, DynamoEdge technology predicted IndyCar safety issues up to 15 laps in advance in real-time.

"Juncos Hollinger Racing is proud to sponsor and drive awareness to this initiative. Our company goals have always been to mentor and develop drivers from amateurs' categories to IndyCar. Helping our drivers to have the latest and safest technology is our priority and pride." - Ricardo Juncos, Owner and President of Juncos Hollinger Racing

"The Indiana Auto Sports Association offers a unique solution to fulfill drivers' needs and help them succeed in Indiana and beyond. Our proven model of Association Management through Mission Control and Government Affairs through Cardinal Consulting has supported clients in the public safety sector; we are excited to extend it to the motorsports industry and work with such industry leaders in this new program."- Carlin Yoder, Indiana Auto Sports Association & Cardinal Consulting

"Before DynamoEdge technology, IndyCar teams could only analyze race data after the race, making any predictive capabilities worthless. With DynamoEdge's actionable predictions, teams can now instantly make race-winning decisions in real-time. By working with customer domain experts, DynamoEdge can adapt this technology to almost any situation requiring high-speed and scalable analytics solutions to turn data into actions." - Barbara Bessolo, DynamoEdge Founder and CEO.

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